Life Coach Training in 3 Simple Steps!

Three easy components make up our FULL Life Coach Certification Program and allow you to progress at your own pace during the process. This methodology ensures that students will be prepared to effectively coach using the training even prior to program completion. You can rest assured that your knowledge and practice during our process will position you for ultimate coaching success!

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For an 8 intense weeks of training, you will dive right into the coaching practice complete with assignments that will find you in FULL operation of the simultaneous learning! The group setting will provide you with the ability to engage directly with other students and cross-train for maximum impact!


During an EXCITING 4 week period, you can request the opportunity to training 1-on-1 with Coach D Nicole in a consultative format for planning your next steps and business readiness. Don't forget to mention this specifically to Coach D Nicole if you are interested in getting started with 1-on-1 mentoring!


Test with a Sh'Shares Certified Coach Mentor for your Life Coaching Training Final Assessment & Certification. Your Mentor is a Certified Life Coach who provides a verbal assessment of the material and also serves as a liaison so you can review the teaching and ask follow up questions.

Program Overview

Basic Life Coaching Training

Our group coach training program is available online for convenient access to all for a period of 8 weeks. **Individual training opportunities are available upon request.** Participants will examine the definitions of Life Coaching and review Life Coaching technique in practice while clearing up common misconceptions of Life Coaching. Students enrolled in this course will develop in depth understanding of what Life Coaching consists of while being able to readily apply their learning to their own lives.

Course Requirements:

  • 14+ hours of group study
  • Documentation of 16+ buddy coaching sessions
  • Documentation of 10+ unpaid coaching sessions
  • Documentation of 3+ paid coaching sessions
  • 2+ hrs self-study weekly
  • Optional 1-on-1 mentoring for advanced training.

Additional Requirements:

  • Read Course Text
  • Bible Study & Application
  • Course Journal & Workbook
  • Course Goals & Completion


Program Listing & Course Descriptions

Course Outline

WEEK 1. Foundations of Christian Coaching
  • 1.2. WHY DO WE COACH?
  • 1.3. HOW DO WE COACH
WEEK 2. Foundational Connections
WEEK 3. Coaching Application
  • 3.1. HOW DOES IT WORK?
WEEK 4. The Good Coach
WEEK 5. Coaching Strategy
  • 5.1. WHEN & WHERE
  • 5.2. WHAT
  • 5.3. HOW
WEEK 6. Topics in Christian Coaching
WEEK 7. Specialties in Christian Coaching


Week #1 – Coaching Foundations

In the beginning… we focus on creating a solid foundation for coaching. We review components of Coaching vs. Therapy, Counseling and Mentoring. The student will also learn the essence of coaching within its various frameworks and why we coach in the first place!

Week #2 – Making the Connection

The connections that you make are the root of your coaching practice. Unfortunately, many coaches fail to successfully operate past certification due to poor connection strategy. A solid networking strategy starts first with knowing who you are and what you have to bring to the table. Your leadership and personal application will make relating to all others seamless in both practice and also in ideology.

This week, you’ll learn how to find the ultimate client by ultimately finding yourself. By understanding and fully utilizing your own self-acceptance, humanity, vulnerability and networks, you will begin to readily connect with others while being sought out from within and outside of your current networks.

Week #3 – Building the Client Relationship

Week 3 delves more into personal preparation as well as effective and affective application of coaching technique. Being able to address the emotional attachments of a client positions a coach to readily impact change and inspire action. The client’s connection to affective issues means more accountability throughout the process.

The student will practice techniques of connection and communication to position the client relationship for actionable adjustment and future longevity by building rapport while addressing client concerns.

Week #4 – The Laws of Good Coaching

The lifeblood of your coaching will be found in your innate effectiveness. Being effective is coachable! It’s the tenant of our own selves that we readily see in our clients. That being said, it’s also the staple of longevity. The key is to find and maintain characteristics of a good coach by tapping into what you already have and building and developing what you don’t.

This entire course provides a heavy dose of what is required to be an effective model coach. This particular week assesses what you already have and teaches you components that you may not have previously considered when thinking of your ultimate success in both life and also within coaching.

Week #5 – Coaching Strategy & Set Up

This week, the discussion will be centered on the when, where, how and what of coaching. The student will prepare him- or herself for real-world situations and proper application by gaining more depth in understanding of coaching set-up.

You will learn how to place yourself within various setting for maximum effectiveness with your clients and maximum focus for yourself.

Week #6 – The Full Monty

In week 6, we cover the main topic areas within coaching understanding that each of these must be considered and included within any coaching situation. The student will be able to make real-life connections from the past and within future coaching conversations where he or she will be able to readily apply this week’s learning in any situation and coach from a holistic point of reference.

The value here is as much for the student as it is for the client. Undressing self and making personal connections will require the evaluations of this week’s subject matter in order to have a fully functional self-help practice.

Week #7 – Finding Your Niche

In the 7th week of training, we focus on creating a solid foundation for coaching specialties. We review components of Leadership Coaching, Financial Coaching, Relationship & Marriage Coaching, Career Coaching, Business & Executive Coaching and also Church Coaching.

The founding variables of each of these specialties will be discussed to provide the student with a formal framework of each. After thorough discussion and review of these areas, the student will be prepared to firmly make a relevant specialty-related decision with max clarity and understanding.

Week #8 – Discussion, Review & Assessment

When following what has been learned in previous weeks, the student will have built a thorough understanding of everything that is needed to create the foundations of a great coach! The foundations means the student is well on his/her way to becoming a Christian Coach with a reputable and longstanding coaching business!

No more uncertainty after this point! You are SURE to set the bar high for yourself as well as your colleagues around you! After this training, you’ll have all of foundation needed to prepare for your coaching certification assessment, mentorship and your formal coaching business!

After Training, Choose to Become a Sh’Shares Certified Coach!


Life Coach Certification

Once you have fulfilled the requirements of your training and met all pre-requisites, you have the option of becoming a Sh’Shares Certified Life Coach.

If you opt-in to become Sh’Shares Certified, you will advance to our certification process, which includes:

  • $250 fee for optional 1-on-1 mentorship. Payable when you opt-in to being mentored.
  • Documentation of 5 paid coaching hours OR 25 unpaid coaching hours
  • Complete your written assessment.

Upon fulfillment of the aforementioned criteria, you will coach your Sh’Shares Certified Coach Mentor for the final review. He or she will decide if you are prepared for certification OR you will be provided with further development options prior to taking the assessment again.

 This phase of the training is designed to give you direct access to an experienced coach while providing you with the opportunity to interface with them on additional tools or further learning, ask remaining questions and clear up any confusion you may have had regarding any topic. The goal is to be sure that you have a firm grasp of what has been imparted to you so that your confidence is solid within you coaching competencies and your ability to engage with your clients.

Throughout this entire program, you will be held to pristine standards of excellence. Upon joining our body of certified coaches, you will not be new to the practice, just new to The NETWORK. Your entire training process will ensure this!

Additional training may be required for anyone not meeting certification pre-reqs. After you have matriculated through our program, you too will know that you are an exceptional coach, Sh’Shares CERTIFIED!

NOTE: Life Coach Certification is optional. It is not guaranteed nor is it automatic. After training, you can choose to become certified at any time.

Sh’Shares Certified Coaches Receive…

  • Sh’Shares Certified Coach documentation for your site and records.
  • Listing on and related sites as a Sh’Shares Certified Coach.
  • Periodic coaching opportunity for Sh’Shares classes, events and seminars.
  • Discounted investment options for Sh’Shares classes, events and seminars.
  • …and whatever else we can think of to please and appease you over time!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What’s the cut off date to register for the Life Coach Training Program?
    Payment(s) should begin 3 weeks in advance of the start date!  Other aspects of the program will fall in after that period (i.e. your mentorships and then the actual certification assessments.). Three weeks allows me time to mail your course materials which include the physical textbook, so the time is allotted for the mailing process more than anything else.
  • What is the learning format?
    Virtual through the web in an online course format and also via phone and sometimes webinar! You will create a login within an online course located on my site to join in the training. There you will participate in forums, assignments and group discussions with other trainees. Your online assessments will be housed there as well. Any homework submissions will all go through this site. On the course meetings dates, we’ll have a phone call where we discuss the content and do mock coaching to practice what’s been taught. These calls may be provided afterward for anyone who misses. I will also introduce some of the business side of coaching as well during meeting dates so that you will have that under your belt upon course completion.
  • Is course at one’s own pace or are there scheduled meeting days?
    BOTH! Eight weeks of training is followed by at least 2 weeks of final assessment of study and an optional 4 weeks of mentorship, then certification assessments will be administered. Those who choose the option of having a Sh’Shares Certified Mentor, will have mentorship built in prior to taking the certification assessment. The mentor serves as a coach for a full month after which point the assessments will be taken. All other students not opting for the mentorship will have a two week period of study prior to verbal and written assessment. This means that within 10 weeks of the start date, some of you will already be certified coaches. Students not going straight through to certification will have will be able to come back and obtain certification if they find it is warranted within 6 months of course completion.
  • Are payment plans available?
    Yes. Feasible payment plans can be worked out on an individual basis so that everyone can go through the program in a manner that works best for them financially.
  • Is the mentorship fee paid after completion of the course?
    No; It can be paid then or at the time that you opt into to mentorship. Opting in must be discussed during the 8 week training process to be considered at the rate listed above. This run of the course costs nearly $900 less than what it will cost future participants. The mentorship is also discounted in hopes that you actually choose that option. I know that the 1-on-1 time will be of great benefit to ALL trainees. Inquire about this 1-on-1 opportunity directly if you are interested!!!
  • Can this information be shared with others?
    ABSOLUTELY! The same rate and payment options may not be available after this group begins, yet for you, I will honor your personal referrals to the program at this same rate for a limited time, so PLEASE SHARE! They will need it!!! I only require their names and email addresses for them to be placed on a list to join at this rate for my records. (Email names and contact details to Additionally, you are encouraged to go through the program with an accountability partner as your learning with be even more fruitful with a personal partner walking alongside you, so that’s even more of incentive to find a buddy AND… up to $200 will be provided to you in referral fees for those who successfully complete through to certification! (Inquire for details.)
  • Who is eligible to be certified as a Life Coach via Sh’Shares NETWORK?
    The more variety the merrier so that we can have a diversified learning process! That includes all nationalities, cultures, creeds, religions and backgrounds. NOTE: You are being trained using Christian curriculum and will be certified as Christian Life Coaches. While keeping that in mind, that does not limit who is welcome to join us nor is it to imply that Christ is currently head of your life (or anyone else’s.) Religion is a process. It will not be beat over anyone’s head. We’re all living, learning and loving together. Got it???

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